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ASEAN Business Community

ASEAN Business Community is the subsidiary of PanPages Berhad which is in the business of Search and Advertising; Database Marketing; and Content Licensing. PanPages owns online PanPages.com, ASEAN No. 1 Local Business Platform, Super Pages print directory in Malaysia, Yellow Pages print directory in Cambodia and 9 million business listing database in Southeast Asia. PanPages also has offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Philippines with a staff strength of 500 people and has been serving 20,000 over SMEs’ and enterprises for the past 27 years. With the mission to support PanPages Berhad and to be the ASEAN No. 1 Business Community builder, ABC has created a platform for SMEs to connect, communicate and conduct business across ASEAN. We keep a close eye on the ASEAN movements, so we understand the bottle line of what works from our crosscutting strategy for our fellow SME’s in achieving their goal in exploring into the new frontiers.